Dr. Joseph Murray


In November of 2012, Dr. Joseph Murray passed away at the age of 93.

However, in 1954, what he did was an amazing and remarkable feat…he was the world’s first surgeon to perform a successful organ transplant–a kidney.

For this fantastic accomplishment he received the Nobel Prize.

Now, he put his Nobel Prize in his museum in his hospital. Underneath that, he placed a plaque that stated the following words that this great philanthropist would live by for the rest of his life:

“Service to society is rent for living on the planet”

And remember, these were the lifelong words from a man who lived a very long time.

If he could treat everyone with service for his life, consider what YOU could be doing for others right now.  Then decide that, if your rent is not being paid, here’s where you could change that immediately.

If Dr. Murray’s words resonate with you, please consider helping us and the soldiers who have paid the price for the freedom that YOU enjoy every day.  Take the quiz, read the pages, and then ask yourself “how can I help?”.

If you have ideas on how you can contribute to our project, please let us know–you can always contact us here.

 Nobel Prize
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